Flat xenon lamp - 20 cm

Flat xenon lamp - 20 cm
Flat xenon lamp - 20 cm
  • Exclusive light source design, low temperature and not hot.
  • The anti-glare panel design makes the light source soft and comfortable without overlapping.
  • The light source is evenly illuminated and has a wide area and does not directly hit the eyes.
  • Suitable for offices, merchandise lighting and home lighting.
  • Product Specification
light source CCFL cold cathode tube
Material Aluminum housing / PC housing
size Φ225*H62mm
weight 440 g
Voltage AC120V (50/60Hz), AC230V (50/60Hz)
Design life 50,000 hrs
Resistance to point 200,000 cycles
Color temperature 3000K/6000K
Power consumption 18W