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Sunlight, water, and air are the three elements of life, but the quality and choice of light are often ignored. Yuanguan Technology Lighting upholds the light source to provide the most eye-protective, most energy-saving, healthiest, most durable and safest indoor lighting source. , For users who protect the health of their families, make life full of smiles, health and joy.

Yuanguan upholds high-quality, innovative research and development technology, and develops highly stable products. The main purpose is to provide the healthiest and most energy-saving light source for public use.
Yuanguan Technology has launched a new generation of revolutionary energy-saving lighting products, breaking through the shortcomings of old CCFL cold cathode tube power modules such as high heat, instability, energy consumption and short life span. It has passed strict domestic and foreign safety inspections and certifications and obtained domestic It is trusted and adopted by customers from Europe, the United States, Japan and other places, and provides relevant after-sales consulting services. It is a company dedicated to providing advanced and high-quality products with professional technical services.

Innovation Principles

Safety first

safety priority

Environmentally friendly

Environmentally friendly
  • Recyclable materials (100% recycled)
  • The so-called solid mercury is a kind of "mercury-titanium alloy" which is not really pure mercury. Such alloys mainly increase the melting point of mercury, so that mercury does not become liquid at room temperature, while the mercury in fluorescent lamps does not become liquid. The benefits are:
  • 1. Prevent secondary pollution 2. Convenient to recycle 3. Strengthen the environmental adaptability of the lamp 4. Slow down the freeing and extend the life of the lamp

Health First

health first
  • The principle of light source produced by non-object emission has the basic characteristics of long life, low energy consumption, no heat, no flicker, and good color rendering. The eye-free ultraviolet rays and blue-violet light are the most healthy for the eyes.

Revolutionary CCFL energy-saving new lighting products

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