• What is CCFL?

    CCFL (Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp) is a cold cathode tube. It has the basic characteristics of non-hot, low energy consumption, long life, high brightness, uniform illumination, good color rendering, etc. The backlight module of the liquid crystal display.

    Responding to energy-saving and carbon-reducing needs, it has been expanded to be applied to lighting fixtures, and CCFL's product features are more economical and more suitable for indoor lighting than LEDs.

  • At present, the business community often raises questions in the assessment of green energy-saving lighting solutions:

    • Power supply heating increases losses.
    • The light source decays to form insufficient illumination and increases equipment costs.
    • Ultraviolet, blue light and stroboscopic damage to humans and commodities.
    • Whether the life of the lamp can save costs.
    • Power saving performance measured accuracy.
  • Do you feel less bright after installation?

    When the power is just turned on, it has only 50% brightness, so that the pupil can slowly adapt to the light, and it will reach full brightness in about 1 minute and a half.

    Yuanguan CCFL light source has no ultraviolet ray stimulation, and some customers will feel that it is not bright enough, and the adaptation period is about 1-2 weeks.

  • Is the CCFL brighter?

    The initial brightness of the CCFL will not be brighter than other lamps. After considering the light decay, the average brightness of the CCFL is greater than that of other lamps.
  • Is CCFL cost more than traditional fluorescent tubes?

    Considering the life of the lamp, the investment benefit of CCFL is greater than that of traditional lamps, not to mention LEDs.

  • CCFL is useful for mercury and fluorescent powder. Is it environmentally friendly?

    • CCFL uses solid mercury and is only used at a dose of only 3 mg, which is much smaller than conventional fluorescent tubes.
    • The CCFL has a long life, so the abandonment is much smaller than the traditional fluorescent tube.
    • The LED itself also contains phosphor powder, and there is currently no recycling mechanism.
  • To replace the CCFL lamp, it is a pity that the original lamp must be discarded!

    • The T1 product has a design that eliminates the need to replace the fixture and only requires rewiring.
    • If you buy a new luminaire, it will be more convenient, and it will not increase too much cost. Because T1 is a modular design product, you can use general luminaires. Unlike other CCFLs and LED luminaires, you must have exclusive luminaires with high cost. The luminaire can be updated by the replacement of the light source.
  • It is too expensive to replace CCFL lamps!

    • Saving electricity bills for replacing lamps,Not only can you get energy from the lamp,Can also be due to the temperature drop of the lamp,Get savings on cold room electricity.
    • becauseCCFLIncreased life expectancy,The number and cost of repairs can be significantly reduced.
    • Replacing the luminaire saves electricity and maintenance costs,Generally available at2Recycling during the year,It is a very cost-effective investment.
    • T1The product not only has a reduction in energy consumption,Also attach importance to the improvement of lighting quality.